Austin Aries def. TJP

Austin Aries vs. TJP: Raw, May 1, 2017

A-Double battles the arrogant TJP on Raw.

Austin Aries may have the strongest case for a WWE Cruiserweight Title Match against Neville given the controversial events of WWE Payback, but TJP will not be ignored.

Emboldened by the promise of a title match should he take care of Aries, TJP certainly made the most of his opportunity against A-Double, punishing Aries’ knee to the degree that he was barely able to stand.

And yet, Aries still prevailed, countering out of the Detonation Kick to lock in the Last Chancery for a submission victory. After the match, a furious TJP chop-blocked Aries’ knee from behind and locked in a figure-four Kneebar that left Aries howling in agony. To paraphrase Booker T, Neville told TJP to solve the problem. Doesn’t mean he had to win the match.

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