Finn Bálor def. Curt Hawkins

Finn Bálor vs. Curt Hawkins: Raw, April 17, 2017

The aggressive Finn Bálor makes Curt Hawkins "Face the Facts" in singles action on Raw.

Last week, Big Show confronted Curt Hawkins, and this week the giant is in the main event. By the transitive property, Curt Hawkins is therefore a star-maker, so the former WWE Tag Team Champion challenged any Superstar with main-event aspirations to face him and elevate themselves accordingly.

Hawkins got inaugural Universal Champion Finn Bálor, and things went south very, very quickly. Bálor made quick work of his foe, peppering Hawkins with kicks, wrenching him down with a Sling Blade and finally executing the coup de grâce with, well, a Coup de Grâce. One can only assume Bray Wyatt, who said last week he would be keeping an eye on Bálor, was impressed. As for Finn himself? See you in the main event.

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