Will Triple H’s attack keep Seth Rollins from WrestleMania?

Visceral slow-motion video of Seth Rollins' Raw brawl with Triple H: WWE.com Exclusive, March 13, 2017

Relive Mick Foley's Mr. Socko-assisted attack on Triple H and the ensuing brawl between Seth Rollins and The Game in this slow-motion video captured during the tense final moments of the March 13, 2017, edition of Raw.

Seth Rollins made a surprising appearance on Monday’s Raw to get some pre-WrestleMania retribution against Triple H. Unfortunately for Rollins, The Cerebral Assassin was one step ahead, brutalizing the would-be “Kingslayer’s” recently injured knee with his own crutch.

Rollins is no less resolute in his quest to take down The Game at WrestleMania, turning The Ultimate Thrill Ride into the ultimate nightmare for the calculating WWE COO. However, given Triple H’s ruthless barrage on The Architect’s knee, one must imagine that the chances of seeing Rollins hit the ring in Orlando are slim at best.

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