Brock Lesnar has us all “shook"

Brock Lesnar attacks new Universal Champion Goldberg: Raw, March 6, 2017

While offering his "congratulations" to the newly crowned Universal Champion, The Beast Incarnate sent a painful message to his WrestleMania opponent.

When Brock Lesnar offers to give you a handshake, beware. This is advice new Universal Champion Goldberg could have used Monday night, when The Beast Incarnate’s seemingly benign congratulatory gesture left the WCW icon vulnerable to a savage and swift F-5 that turned Goldberg’s moment of triumph into one of tumult.

Indeed, it appears Lesnar is far more prepared for his WrestleMania rematch with Goldberg than he was for their Mega Match at Survivor Series, when The Beast was conquered in just one minute, 26 seconds. Will Goldberg’s championship reign come to a painful end at The Showcase of the Immortals? Until then, The Road to WrestleMania will be full of twists and turns for both of these juggernauts.

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