Triple H addressed Seth Rollins' rehabilitation

Triple H comments on Seth Rollins' rehabilitation: Raw, March 6, 2017

The Game has a stern pre-WrestleMania warning for the recovering Architect.

Seth Rollins has promised to be at WrestleMania come hell or high water, and as the WWE Universe saw on Raw, The Architect has doubled down on his rehabilitation process to get himself cleared in time for The Show of Shows. Of course, his archenemy Triple H remained utterly unimpressed with Rollins’ determination, labeling it nothing more than an extension of the same supposed delusion that led Rollins to christen himself “The Man.” The King of Kings closed out by reiterating his promise from last week’s Raw: If Rollins showed up in Orlando, Fla., against doctor’s orders, it would be his final act in a WWE ring.

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