Rich Swann challenges The King of the Cruiserweights

Neville learns he has a Cruiserweight Title fight on Raw: Exclusive, March 5, 2017

After retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Title at WWE Fastlane, Neville runs into Rich Swann backstage and learns he may have a championship match on tap for Raw.

Immediately following Neville’s WWE Cruiserweight Championship defense against Gentleman Jack Gallagher at WWE Fastlane, Rich Swann congratulated The King of the Cruiserweights for his victory — a gesture that wasn’t exactly appreciated by the conquering monarch. Even less appreciated? Swann’s revelation that he will be challenging Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Title on Raw, live in Chicago.

Eager to regain the crown jewel of the Cruiserweight division since falling to Neville at Royal Rumble, Swann will bring the fight to the so-called king like never before. Can Neville handle Swann tonight?

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