Goldberg returns before WWE Fastlane

Brock Lesnar issues a warning to Goldberg: Raw, Feb. 20, 2017

As Goldberg prepares to challenge Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Fastlane, The Beast Incarnate sends a message to his WrestleMania opponent.

Universal Champion Kevin Owens has been even more ruthless than usual since he severed his friendship with Chris Jericho during their “Festival of Friendship” on Raw earlier this month. Whether this new attitude will help shield The Prizefighter from Goldberg’s onslaught, however, remains to be seen at WWE Fastlane.

As Paul Heyman revealed this past Monday night, Brock Lesnar is banking on Goldberg becoming Universal Champion, giving The Beast Incarnate just one more thing to take away from the WCW icon when they clash at WrestleMania, along with Goldberg’s “health, well-being, reputation, legacy and career.”

Meanwhile, Owens doubts Goldberg’s true abilities, and claims that at WWE Fastlane, the veteran’s “superhero fantasy” will come to an end. Can Owens back up his boasts, or will he underestimate Goldberg’s power, just as Lesnar did at Survivor Series?


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