Gentleman Jack Gallagher & TJ Perkins def. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville & Tony Nese

"Gentleman" Jack Gallagher & TJ Perkins vs. Neville & Tony Nese: Raw, Feb. 27, 2017

Cruiserweight tag team action heats up Monday Night Raw.

With seemingly everyone in the Cruiserweight division angling for an opportunity at Neville’s WWE Cruiserweight Title, the last thing anyone needed was miscommunication. And yet that was all the WWE Universe witnessed in a tag team match that combined Neville and Tony Nese against TJ Perkins and Gentleman Jack Gallagher, who’ll challenge Neville for the title at WWE Fastlane.

From Perkins accidentally knocking Neville off the barricade to Neville’s aggressive tag of Perkins, it seemed like nobody would get on the same page. Then at the last minute, Gentleman Jack and Mega TJP found their groove. After Gallagher headbutted Neville out of the ring, Perkins softened The Premier Athlete up with a Detonation Kick and Gallagher locked in a byzantine submission for the win while the King of the Cruiserweights kept his distance.

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