Braun Strowman def. Big Show

Braun Strowman def. Big Show

Can Big Show stop Braun Strowman? No, he cannot, but he gave The Monster Among Men a hell of a fight in a clash of titans that required a reinforced ring and earned a “this is awesome” chant after the very first lock-up between the two giants. Show, perhaps expecting a slugfest, leaned heavily on his strength and power, but The Gift of Destruction shocked Show (and the audience) by breaking out the science and speed, including a side headlock and a kip-up (!), and transferring to pure power when warranted.

The World’s Largest Athlete briefly mounted The World’s Largest Comeback, stunning Strowman with a suplex, a pair of boots and a chokeslam, even landing a KO Punch to an airborne Strowman. But even that wasn’t enough to keep Strowman down. And while Show was able to kick out of one Running Powerslam, the second proved too much for him and Strowman claimed a hard-fought win.

Roman Reigns didn’t even wait two seconds to come after his WWE Fastlane opponent, and even though The Big Dog knocked Braun off his feet with the Superman Punch, Strowman got the last word (again) with a dropkick to a mid-Spear Reigns and a final Running Powerslam. So, can Roman Reigns stop Braun Strowman? No, he cannot, either.

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