Will Bayley give in to Charlotte's demand?

Spectacular slow-motion video of Bayley's Raw Women's Championship victory: WWE.com Exclusive, Feb. 14, 2017

Relive The Huggable One's incredible Raw Women's Title win over Charlotte Flair in this slow-motion video, captured during the Feb. 13, 2017, edition of Raw.

This past Monday night, Bayley’s childhood dream came true when she pinned Charlotte Flair’s shoulders to the mat for the three-count and captured her first Raw Women’s Championship. However, it’s unlikely that dream included a last-minute assist from a friend, Sasha Banks, who attacked The Queen with her crutch moments before The Huggable One scored the pinfall.

Granted, The Boss was simply evening the odds after Dana Brooke rushed to ringside to aid Charlotte, but Bayley clearly had no intention of winning her first Raw Women’s Title under those circumstances based on her Twitter exchange with The Queen.

Mere hours before Raw, the social media exchange got even more heated when Charlotte demanded that Bayley surrender her title.

Expect even more fallout in the wake of this controversy on Raw. 

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