Nia Jax def. Bayley

Bayley vs. Nia Jax: Raw, Feb. 6, 2017

The Huggable One goes up against the imposing Nia Jax, live on Raw.

Thanks to her previous pinfall over Charlotte Flair, Bayley has secured herself a match for the Raw Women’s Title on next week’s Raw. But that’s next week. This week, The Huggable One had to contend with Nia Jax, who had no patience for Bayley’s underdog fighting spirit and dismantled the beloved Superstar accordingly, pausing only to mock Bayley’s arm-waving celebration. Even when Bayley seemed to find daylight by slamming Jax headfirst into the ring post, Charlotte herself sprinted to the ring to stop the ref’s count, distracting Bayley and giving Jax some extra time to recover and hit the Samoan Drop for the win. So yeah, Bayley’s got a title match next week. The only question is whether there’s enough left of her to mount a challenge.

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