Sheamus & Cesaro face Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson for the Raw Tag Team Titles tonight

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson explain their winning strategy to all the "nerds" out there: Exclusive, Feb. 6, 2017

Moments after their Raw Tag Team Championship rematch against Sheamus & Cesaro is made official for Raw, Team Red's so-called "good brothers" reveal their formula for success.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson might have triumphed over Sheamus & Cesaro at Royal Rumble, but their “Too Sweet” Raw Tag Team Title reign might be coming to an end tonight, when they battle The Celtic Warrior and The Swiss Superman in what’s sure to be a hard-hitting rematch.

WWE’s official Twitter account broke the news of this blockbuster championship bout this afternoon.

Can Sheamus & Cesaro reclaim the titles they worked so hard to attain?

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