Roman Reigns challenged Chris Jericho to a U.S. Championship rematch

Roman Reigns gets his U.S. Title rematch: Raw, Jan. 23, 2017

Kicking off Raw, The Big Dog confronts WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and United States Champion Chris Jericho to invoke his rematch clause.

CLEVELAND — Roman Reigns said a few months ago that he wanted one title for each shoulder, and it would appear that this is still the case. After Jeri-KO interrupted Reigns’ opening interview to talk trash in advance of Sunday’s WWE Universal Title Match (Kevin Owens) and bemoan their eventual fate as a shark-cage inhabitant in said match (Chris Jericho), tempers grew hot and Jericho out-and-out threatened The Big Dog.

Reigns, of course, immediately called Jericho’s bluff and evoked his rematch clause for the United States Title Jericho won off of him two weeks prior, putting himself back in the running to be a potential dual-champion. Owens both accepted on behalf of a hesitant Jericho and promised to put Reigns in the shark cage before the night was over. But the damage may well be done by then, and WWE’s resident sexy piñata — sorry, very sexy piñata — may be relieved of his most precious prize.

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