Brock Lesnar is back

Paul Heyman makes a jaw-dropping Brock Lesnar announcement: Raw, Nov. 28, 2016

Brock Lesnar's advocate, Paul Heyman, reveals what's next for The Beast Incarnate.

Brock Lesnar isn’t prone to staying home and licking his wounds. However, his absence since being defeated by Goldberg in 86 seconds at Survivor Series has led to much speculation about The Beast Incarnate’s mindset going into the Royal Rumble Match, where he’ll face 29 opponents — including Goldberg — for the opportunity to compete in the main event of this year’s WrestleMania in Orlando.

The Anomaly resurfaces on Raw this Monday, and something tells us he’ll be in a particularly foul mood, less than two weeks before he steps inside the ropes for his first televised bout since Survivor Series.


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