Raw Tag Team Champion Sheamus def. Luke Gallows

Sheamus vs. Luke Gallows: Raw, Jan. 9, 2017

Luke Gallows continues to employ the "good brothers'" divide-and-conquer strategy against the Raw Tag Team Champions.

Looks like a brother shake is in order, but not for the tag team you think. One week after Luke Gallows’ meddling cost Cesaro a match against Karl Anderson, The Swiss Superman’s fellow Raw Tag Team Champion Sheamus withstood another round of chicanery to defeat Gallows on Raw. As you might expect, The Suntan Biker Man beat the mousse out of Sheamus’ famous ’hawk throughout the course of their slugfest, but The Celtic Warrior hung tight long enough to tee Gallows up or the Brogue Kick. At that point, Anderson, who had been talking trash with Cesaro on commentary the entire match, cheap-shotted The King of Swing to set up a brawl that seemed to lead to a distraction-fuelled win for Gallows. But when Sheamus kicked out of Gallows’ last best shot, Cesaro got the better of Anderson on the ramp and it was Gallows, now distracted himself, who wandered into a Brogue Kick.

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