Xavier Woods def. Titus O’Neil

Xavier Woods vs. Titus O'Neil: Raw, Jan. 2, 2017

Xavier Woods goes up against "The Titus Brand" in an impromptu matchup.

It’s a New Year, yes it is, but The New Day isn’t looking to switch up the formula that made them record-setting Tag Team Champions anytime soon. They’re certainly not looking for any new members, which is why Titus O’Neil’s offer to join ya boys was met both with laughs from the audience and fisticuffs from Xavier Woods, who took on The Big Deal after O’Neil labeled Woods’ as New Day’s “weakest link.” Though, if we’re being honest, that was some quality twerking. The joke, in this case, was on O’Neil, as Woods roared back from an early deficit and reversed his backbreaker into a sunset flip. So O’Neil is denied, and, with all three members of New Day having declared for the Royal Rumble Match, 2017 could be a very positive year indeed.

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