Enzo Amore attended sensitivity training

Enzo Amore completes his sensitivity training: Raw, Dec. 19, 2016

After completing his mandatory sensitivity training, Enzo Amore gets an unexpected visit from the rampaging Rusev.

Sure, Rusev beat Enzo Amore up over that time he accidentally exposed himself to his co-workers (and Lana), but anyone who’s worked in corporate America knows it’d only a matter of time before a formal, HR-centric response would be handed down on Muscles Marinara. That arrived on Raw in the form of company-mandated sensitivity training, which landed the Certified G and Bona Fide Stud alongside Bo Dallas, Bob Backlund, Darren Young and Jinder Mahal in an extended session that lasted the length of Raw.

While Enzo and Jinder butted heads throughout the entirety of the session, Smacktalker Skywalker stopped himself from going rogue and managed to complete his training, making moves on the sensitivity trainer, Colleen, in the process. The stint in sensitivity training ultimately ended in disaster when Rusev crashed the circle of trust, teaming up with Mahal to stomp the smack-talk out of Enzo right at the conclusion of the session. Lana provided the exclamation point, slapping Enzo across the face before Rusev put him through the snack table.

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