Big Cass confronted Rusev

Big Cass gets some retribution against Rusev: Raw, Dec. 12, 2016

After The Super Athlete mauled Enzo Amore in a hotel room beatdown, Big Cass gets a piece of The Bulgarian Brute.

Everyone saw what Rusev did to Enzo Amore inside the hotel room of horrors last week on Raw. But The Bulgarian Brute came to Raw with a unique promise: To take the WWE Universe back inside the room after he and Lana had disposed of Muscles Marinara and reveal how they celebrated “behind closed doors.” It turns out all he and Lana wanted to do was replay the footage of Enzo getting destroyed, but the power couple hadn’t counted on the other half of The Realest Guys in the Room finally making his move.

Big Cass thundered down to the ring in defense of his best friend and had Rusev on the proverbial ropes with a series of clubbing blows to the body. The Super Athlete got one or two good strikes in of his own and was finally able to escape, but it’s safe to say the point had been made.

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