Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks ended in a Double Count-out

The Raw Women's Championship Match ends in chaos: Raw, Nov. 28, 2016

After the anticipated title clash between Charlotte and Sasha Banks ends inconclusively, Raw General Manager Mick Foley makes a bold decision.

Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks: The championship rematch that’s too big for one match. Squaring off once again for the crown jewel of the Team Red Women’s division, hometown champion Charlotte and Sasha held nothing back in their latest championship match … so much so that the entire match was derailed because of it. After only a few minutes, the action spilled outside the ring, where the two women continued to brawl well past the count of 10. That closed the door on their title match, but Mick Foley was quick to rectify the situation, emerging to declare the two Superstars would battle once again later in the night under No Count-out, No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere rules.

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