An altogether different “Gift of Jericho”

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens - WWE Universal Championship No Disqualification Match: Raw, Nov. 21, 2016

The Architect clashes with The Prizefighter for Raw's most prestigious prize in this wild main event.

It was a few days before Black Friday, but Kevin Owens got an early holiday present from Chris Jericho this past Monday night, when the curator of “The List” — who had been banned from ringside during the show’s WWE Universal Championship No Disqualification Match — appeared from the crowd in a Sin Cara mask to ambush Seth Rollins. The incognito assault gave The Prizefighter the distraction he needed to put away The Architect and save “The Kevin Owens Show” from near-certain cancellation.

Rollins isn’t one to let things go lightly, and he’s definitely going into Raw with retribution on his mind. But who will be first to face his wrath, Owens or Jericho?


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