Seth Rollins stole The List of Jericho

"The List of Jericho" is missing: Raw, Oct. 24, 2016

Chris Jericho's infamous "List" has disappeared, and Seth Rollins might know where it is.

MINNEAPOLIS — Raw kicked off Monday with the heist of the century, as Chris Jericho stormed to the ring and demanded the return of his precious “List of Jericho,” which had been pickpocketed by an unknown Superstar. Jericho refused to compete until the List was returned, and even Kevin Owens and Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon couldn’t bring Jericho down to earth when they attempted to calm the six-time World Champion in advance of his and Owens' Triple Threat main event against Seth Rollins.

Speaking of Rollins, he quickly revealed himself to be the culprit, and he used his ill-gotten glimpse into Jericho’s mind to devastating effect, revealing that both Stephanie and Owens’ names were on the List in an attempt to sow discord among Jeri-KO before the Triple Threat. Rollins then revealed his alterations to the list, consisting mainly of the various body parts he was planning to rip from Kevin Owens inside Hell in a Cell this Sunday. And then, as a kicker, he told Jericho that if he wanted the List back so bad, he’d have to come and get … it.

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