Raw Tag Team Champion Big E def. Sheamus

Big E vs. Sheamus: Raw, Oct. 17, 2016

The New Day's powerhouse Big E takes on Sheamus as Cesaro occupies himself among the Cesaro Section.

Despite a looming, put-up-or-shut-up opportunity at the Raw Tag Team Titles, Cesaro & Sheamus can’t seem to stop passive-aggressively costing each other singles matches against 420-days-and-counting-champions The New Day, whom they’ll be challenging for the titles at Hell in a Cell. Last week, shenanigans with Sheamus cost Cesaro a match against Kofi Kingston, and this week, it was The King of Swing who swung the action, inadvertently handing his partner a loss to Big E.

In almost a mirror image of last week’s action, The Celtic Warrior was firmly in the driver’s seat against Big E when Cesaro, who was documenting himself on Facebook Live, started rubbing shoulders with the Cesaro Section. This took Sheamus’ eye off the ball, leading to a rollup defeat for the Irishman. So, yeah. They’re still not exactly gelling just yet.

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