Raw Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston def. Cesaro

Raw Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston def. Cesaro

Believe it or not, bickering bruisers Cesaro & Sheamus are on the road, pit stops and all, to a Raw Tag Team Title Match with The New Day at Hell in a Cell. And, having sharpened themselves against a couple of locals over the last two weeks, the team got their first taste of P.O.P. in earnest when The King of Swing battled New Day’s Kofi Kingston. It didn’t go so great.

Mind you, nothing about Cesaro’s performance was worthy of scorn, or even seemed to indicate he would lose the match. But once Sheamus, who had initially been Facebook Live-ing himself during the match (seriously) got into it with the rest of The New Day outside after laying hands on Francesca II, The King of Swing took his eye off the ball and Kingston rolled him up for the win. Cesaro & Sheamus may be championship material yet, but for now, The Swiss Superman’s only Kryptonite remains his partner.

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