Is “The Kevin Owens Show” facing cancellation at the hands of Seth Rollins?

Seth Rollins reveals Triple H's worst decision to Stephanie McMahon: Raw, Oct. 3, 2016

As Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon lambastes Seth Rollins for attacking Chris Jericho, The Architect refuses to back down.

Despite the warnings of Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and Team Red General Manager Mick Foley, the injured Seth Rollins refuses to allow WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens to gloat freely. He ambushed The Prizefighter and his best friend, Chris Jericho, this past Monday night, then hit the curator of “The List of Jericho” with an emphatic Pedigree. Surely, The Architect wishes it was Owens’ face he was driving into the mat.

Now that Rollins has his WWE Universal Championship Match against Owens at WWE Hell in a Cell, is Owens coming to terms with the fact that "The Kevin Owens Show" might be ending sooner than later?

The Prizefighter will be watching closely as Rollins battles Jericho later tonight on Raw.

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