Cesaro & Sheamus def. Raul White & Mark Carradine

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Raul White & Mark Carradine: Raw, Oct. 3, 2016

The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior continue their pursuit of the Raw Tag Team Championship.

As evidenced by Sheamus’ Twitter poll — wherein he floated team names such as Harambe McHarambeface and Fighty McFightface — he’s still not entirely sold on his new tag team with Cesaro. That’s OK. Neither is The Swiss Superman. But they looked good, again, in tag team action against another team of local competitors en route to their eventual Raw Tag Team Title Match. They found their stride earlier, displaying some solid (if reluctant) teamwork.

Despite some passive-aggressive tagging in, they ultimately finished off the locals, Raul White & Mark Carradine, to earn their second win when Cesaro literally leaped off Sheamus’ back to stop an interference, setting up the final Brogue Kick. We know they hate each other and all, but if they keep this up you might just call them Champy McChampface.

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