Cesaro & Sheamus def. Nick Cutler & Willis Williams

Cesaro & Sheamus def. Nick Cutler & Willis Williams

It’s the million-dollar question in the Raw Tag Team division right now: Can Cesaro & Sheamus co-exist? At least for one match, the answer is yes. Granted, it came against two local competitors named Nick Cutler & Willis Williams (nice) and The King of Swing and Celtic Warrior couldn’t stop antagonizing each other for half the match. But once Cutler & Williams took advantage of the discord and got a few licks in, they settled into a groove. The results were astounding.

Cesaro singlehandedly took out both opponents and set Cutler up for the Neutralizer, and Sheamus saved him from a bum-rush by Brogue Kicking an interfering Williams. He blasted Cutler for good measure, too, but instead of throwing down with his partner, Cesaro shrugged it off and pinned Cutler to seal the win. Now, let’s not fool ourselves, this wasn’t exactly a showdown with the reigning Raw Tag Team Champions. But it is a start.

Mick Foley gives Cesaro & Sheamus a pep talk: Raw, Sept. 26, 2016

The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior take their first steps toward forming a cohesive tag team unit, courtesy of Raw General Manager Mick Foley.

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