Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann def. Lince Dorado & Drew Gulak

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Lince Dorado & Drew Gulak: Raw, Sept. 26, 2016

The Cruiserweight division ignites with tag team action on Raw.

Can we interest you in some Cruiserweight action? Of course we can. Raw’s most dynamic division got its first tag team bout when Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann — both of whom debuted last week — joined up to face the team of luchador Lince Dorado and Philadelphia brawler Drew Gulak. Despite the sportsmanlike handshake between all four Superstars before the bout began, the high-flyers were all business once the bell tolled, with Dorado giving his team a sizable lead thanks to a moonsault on the outside.

With Swann and Dorado in a dead heat, Cedric and Gulak tagged in and Cedric let ’er rip, sending Gulak stumbling and dispatching Dorado with a hellacious Lumbar Check. Swann tagged in and nearly fell to a textbook rollup, but rallied to blast Gulak with the Rich Kick and a sunset flip stack-up for the pin.


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