Epico def. Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore vs. Epico: Raw, Sept. 12, 2016

The self-proclaimed "Smacktalker Skywalker" goes up against one-half of The Shining Stars.

cuppa’ haters though they may be, The Shining Stars also now own a cuppa’ victories over Enzo Amore & Big Cass. Following last week’s shocker, Epico handed the certified-G’s a certified defeat in a singles match against Enzo Amore, who took issue with the Stars’ aggressive new form of advertising for their native Puerto Rico (they’re handing out leaflets and selling timeshares). Alas, Puerto Rico was probably looking like paradise for Enzo by the end of the night, since The Shining Stars teamwork — Epico reversed an apron suplex into a crossbody and Primo held Enzo’s feet to the mat — meant all he got was a one-way trip to the showers. No two ways about it, there’s only one word to describe what happened to Enzo: He L-A-W-S-T-lawwwwst.

The Shining Stars try to sell a timeshare to R-Truth: Raw, Raw, Sept. 12, 2016

As Primo & Epico try to convince R-Truth to invest in property in Puerto Rico, Goldust intervenes and Enzo Amore & Big Cass confront the opportunistic duo.

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