Cesaro and Sheamus battle in Match No. 5 of Best of Seven Series

Cesaro vs. Sheamus - Best of Seven Series Match No. 4: WWE Live, Sept. 7, 2016

The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior collide in the fourth clash of their Best of Seven Series at a WWE Live Event in London.

Facing elimination in the Best of Seven Series this past Wednesday in London, Cesaro pulled off a spectacular victory that prevented Sheamus from a clean sweep and ensured that he’d live to fight another day. This Monday, to be precise.

Now, The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior head to Match No. 5 in their Best of Seven Series to determine which of these physically dominant Team Red competitors will earn a championship match. Will Cesaro’s momentum save him from elimination on Monday, or will the imposing Irishman win the series at 4-1?

Exclusive: Cesaro comments on Match No. 4 victory | Sheamus sounds off

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