Are the fun and games over for The New Day?

The New Day meet "The Old Day": Raw, Sept. 5, 2016

As Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson mock the Raw Tag Team Champions, The New Day takes a bizarre glimpse into their potential future.

“Retirement specialists” Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson took a page out of The New Day’s book by presenting the Raw Tag Team Champions with a trio of decrepit doppelgangers known as “The Old Day,” giving Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods a glimpse at their “future selves.” Unfortunately for Gallows, Anderson and their costumed associates, The New Day weren’t amused by the imitation, sending the “good brothers” packing before repelling the imposters’ feeble attempt at an ambush.

Will we see a more aggressive side of The New Day Monday night, less than two weeks before their Raw Tag Team Title defense against Gallows & Anderson?

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