Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson introduced ‘The Old Day’

The New Day meet "The Old Day": Raw, Sept. 5, 2016

As Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson mock the Raw Tag Team Champions, The New Day takes a bizarre glimpse into their potential future.

As certified retirement specialists at the Octogenarian Leisure Destination For Aging Retirement Treatment (get it?), Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson know retirement candidates when they see them. Hence their farewell shellacking of The Dudley Boyz a couple weeks ago, and hence their introduction of The New Day’s greybeard counterparts — “The Old Day” — on Raw, whom they trotted out to gain a psychological advantage over The New Day before challenging them at Clash of Champions.

The New Day themselves, of course, had to see their future selves for, well, themselves, and after an uncanny interaction with The Old Day, ya boys decided instead to #BeatUpGallows&Anderson. The good brothers made themselves scarce, of course, but New Day found a solid, potentially paradox-causing alternate: #BeatUpTheOldDay.

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