Braun Strowman def. Sin Cara via Cout-out

Sin Cara vs. Braun Strowman: Raw, Sept. 5, 2016

The masked marvel known as Sin Cara takes flight against the seemingly unbeatable Braun Strowman.

Last week, Braun Strowman defeated a luchador named Americo and punctuated the victory by removing his foe’s mask. In the world of lucha libre, this is the ultimate disrespect. So Raw’s resident luchador (and birthday boy), Sin Cara, stepped up to face the big man in retaliation. And, while the gesture ultimately proved futile, The International Sensation did score a moral victory of sorts over his monstrous foe: After Sin Cara briefly got the better of Strowman in an outside-the-ring fracas with a series of kicks, the monstrous Superstar simply threw Sin Cara into the barricade, opting to take a count-out win rather than his usual, dominant pin before flattening him with a final, post-bell charge.

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