UPDATE: Finn Bálor relinquishes WWE Universal Championship due to injury, undergoes successful surgery

Inaugural WWE Universal Champion Finn Bálor underwent surgery as a result of the injury he suffered to his right shoulder against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. The same injury forced Bálor to relinquish his title on Raw, one day after winning it.

Update: Aug.23 at 10 p.m by Dr. Jeffrey Dugas
“Finn’s injury was pretty severe, more severe than normal. A really high energy injury, it did more damage than a standard shoulder dislocation where you simply tear the labrum. The prognosis is excellent, however. We were able to fix it all and put it back where it came from. I’m anticipating him getting back at full speed.”

Bálor seemed in good spirits, even posting a photo from the recovery room on Twitter:

As first reported by WWE.com, the injury came in the course of Bálor and Rollins’ match to determine which Superstar would become the first WWE Universal Champion, specifically when Bálor absorbed a running powerbomb to the barricade at the hands of The Architect.

WWE Network: Finn Bálor is injured at SummerSlam

Witness the moment in which Finn Bálor sustained an injury during his WWE Universal Championship Match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

“He hit the wall during the match, dislocated his shoulder and was able to put it back in himself in a split second,” said ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson. Bálor was able to finish the match, but Dr. Robinson noted that an MRI yielded results earlier today showing a “possible labrum tear.” Michael Cole confirmed on Raw that Bálor was set to undergo surgery, which Dr. Robinson earlier indicated could lead to a recovery time of “anywhere from four to six months.” 

Before Monday night's show, Raw General Manager Mick Foley tweeted that he and Commissioner Stephanie McMahon would “accept” Bálor’s forfeiture of his championship on Raw. Rollins, Big Cass, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns all prevailed in singles matches throughout the night to qualify for a Fatal 4-Way Match on next week’s Raw to determine the new WWE Universal Champion.

Check back with WWE.com for updates on Bálor’s condition.

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