Big Cass def. U.S. Champion Rusev via Count-out to advance to next week’s Fatal 4-Way WWE Universal Championship Match

Big Cass vs. Rusev: Raw, Aug. 22, 2016

The 7-foot Big Cass goes one-on-one with the United States Champion, with the winner going on to a Fatal 4-Way WWE Universal Championship Match next Monday night.

This right here? This is Big Cass, and he … he beat Rusev? For what it’s worth, upending The Super Athlete is something that certainly can’t be taught, and the Queens-born 7-footer did just that, earning a major upset over the U.S. Champion to place himself in the running for the WWE Universal Title.

To be fair to The Bulgarian Brute, he started the bout behind the eight ball, as the beating he took from Roman Reigns at SummerSlam left him with bruised ribs and less-than-full mobility. But Cass delivered an impressive performance all the same, one that kicked into high gear when Rusev kicked Enzo Amore in the head on the outside. From there, Big Cass was off to the races, hammering away on Rusev’s torso and forcing the U.S. Champion to throw up his hands and leave rather than take any more punishment.

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