Is Sasha Banks’ dream coming to an end?

Charlotte has a message for Sasha Banks: Exclusive, Aug. 1, 2016

Charlotte has her sights set on becoming the two-time Women's Champion at SummerSlam

On Raw’s first Mixed Tag Team Match of The New Era, Charlotte scored a pinfall victory over WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks by way of Natural Selection, an ill omen for The Boss as she prepares to defend her title against the brazen second-generation Superstar at SummerSlam.

Charlotte would take great pleasure in continuing to humiliate Sasha in the weeks leading up to The Biggest Event of the Summer, but The Boss never stays down when she’s beaten. Given what’s at stake at SummerSlam, don’t be surprised if Sasha is looking for some comeuppance to shift momentum back in her favor.

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