Charlotte & Chris Jericho def. WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks & Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore & Sasha Banks vs. Chris Jericho & Charlotte: Raw, Aug. 1, 2016

Mixed tag team action kicks off an explosive edition of Monday Night Raw.

ATLANTA — Fulfilling the girlhood dream was only half the battle. In her first Raw as WWE Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks found herself put on her heels — and her back — by the Superstar she beat to win the title in the first place, Charlotte. Granted, the circumstances of her defeat were unique: For one, a face-off between Charlotte and Sasha was interrupted by Chris Jericho, and later Enzo Amore, leading Raw General Manager Mick Foley to set up the first Mixed Tag Team Match of the New Era.

For another, Kevin Owens, of all people, wandered to commentary to throw some shade Enzo’s way for stealing his thunder on WWE Draft Center a couple weeks back. And finally, both Dana Brooke and Jericho interfered right as The Boss entered the home stretch. Sasha disposed of Dana easily, but she spent a little too long slapping Jericho across the face, and Charlotte capitalized by kicking out her knee and striking with Natural Selection. Jericho got the last word of the evening, however, when he hit Enzo with a post-match Codebreaker. And even though he made himself scarce when Big Cass stomped down to the ring in response, Jericho might rest easier next time, because as Owens said later in the show, he's got Jericho's back.

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