Cesaro def. Sheamus

Cesaro vs. Sheamus: Raw, Aug. 1, 2016

With a future championship match on the line, The Swiss Superman takes on The Celtic Warrior in a savage Raw slugfest.

Sheamus and Cesaro have been two unexpected question marks since the beginning of the New Era, and they’re not happy about it. That explains why they got in Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley’s face about it, but the surprise came in the Raw showrunners’ reaction. The Hardcore Legend first offered explanations for their current predicaments — he thinks Sheamus hit a plateau following his Money in the Bank cash-in, and Cesaro fell in the draft due to his injury history. But then he offered them the chance to impress him in a one-on-one bout, with a twist: Whichever was the most impressive would receive a championship match down the line.

Extra incentive is all well and good, of course, and it got the desire effect. The King of Swing and Celtic Warrior’s bout of one-upmanship swung (get it?) in Cesaro’s favor when he spun his way out of a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and applied the Neutralizer for the win. Though the two Superstars ended up brawling so frantically that it took a cavalcade of referees to separate them.

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