WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day responded to The Wyatt Family's invitation

Xavier Woods urges Kofi Kingston and Big E to come to their senses: Raw, July 4, 2016

After The Wyatt Family's eerie invitation to their compound, Xavier Woods has doubts about The New Day's survival as a team.

How strong is the Power of Positivity? Looks like The New Day is about to find out. After two weeks of roasting The Wyatt Family, the first family of fear invited ya boys to the place where positivity goes to die: The Wyatt Family compound itself. Big E and Kofi Kingston were all smiles in accepting The New Face of Fear’s invitation-bordering-on-challenge, but Xavier Woods, who turns into a shell of himself around the Wyatts, finally lost his cool and told his partners how it is: The fun and games are over, and if New Day doesn't get serious against the Wyatts, they're as good as done already.

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