Can Titus O’Neil capture star-spangled gold?

Titus O'Neil refuses to sit back and wait to be a champion: Exclusive, June 27, 2016

Titus O'Neil is looking to elevate his game and take down Rusev in the process.

After turning back Cesaro’s U.S. Championship Match opportunity on SmackDown, Rusev will defend America’s title on the Fourth of July against Titus O’Neil, who defeated The Bulgarian Brute via count-out in a non-title bout last week on Raw.

Rusev has made his U.S. Championship rivalry with O’Neil intensely personal since WWE Money in the Bank, when he defeated and humiliated the imposing Floridian in front of his own children. Since then, O’Neil has been more determined than ever before. As he stated in a interview last Monday night, O’Neil is “tired of just sitting back and waiting to be a champion.” On Independence Day, the wait might be over.

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