Sasha Banks confronted WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte

Sasha Banks attempts to put Charlotte in her place: Raw, July 4, 2016

The Boss doesn't mince words when she confronts the WWE Women's Champion.

About a year ago, Charlotte and Sasha Banks debuted in WWE as part of what was then dubbed the Divas Revolution. One year, a WrestleMania moment, a new title and an avalanche of “We Want Sasha” chants later, and The Boss is coming for her due. She told Charlotte as much on Raw when the two Superstars finally went face-to-face and Sasha declared, in no uncertain terms, that Charlotte’s time as WWE Women’s Championship is coming to an end. When Charlotte booted The Boss in the face in response, Sasha took things one step further by attempting to apply the Bank Statement. And even though Dana Brooke was able to pull the champion to safety before any real damage was done, Banks' point was made loud and clear: Tick, tock.

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