Titus O’Neil def. U.S. Champion Rusev via Count-out

Titus O'Neil vs. Rusev: Raw, June 27, 2016

The hulking Titus O'Neil aims for retribution against The Super Athlete.

Titus O’Neil’s march toward the U.S. Championship has been fraught with frustration, but give The Big Deal credit: His persistence has finally begun to put Rusev on his heels. Not only did O’Neil batter The Super Athlete into a Raw retreat last week in lieu of an actual match, he did so again this week.

The downside was, one early punch aside, that the match had started this time around, so O’Neil’s aggression backfired in that it riled Rusev into a fury of his own. The Big Deal fought his way to the win anyway following an outside-the-ring scrap. By tossing Rusev into the timekeeper’s area, O’Neil avoided the official’s 10-count; however, a decisive win over The Bulgarian Brute eludes him still.

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