Could Ambrose’s instability work in his favor as champion?

Dean Ambrose on why "it's time to shut some people up"

Days after winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, The Lunatic Fringe explains what he aims to prove against both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in their Triple Threat Match at WWE Battleground.

Dean Ambrose’s head is on a swivel even in his sleep — chaos is kind of his thing. It’s that constant readiness that makes The Lunatic Fringe the ideal Superstar to hold the WWE in The New Era, when every Superstar is out to make a name for himself (or herself).

As the entire roster hungrily eyes the grandest prize in sports-entertainment, the two men first in line to challenge “The Dude” are Ambrose’s former Shield “brothers,” Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The three onetime Hounds of Justice will collide at WWE Battleground in a Triple Threat Match, a tumultuous bout befitting Ambrose’s unorthodox worldview.

On SmackDown, Rollins attempted to ambush the wily titleholder and nearly wound up getting hit with Dirty Deeds—the same move that shortened The Architect’s title reign to just two minutes at WWE Money in the Bank. The Architect will need to draw up some new blueprints if he hopes to catch Ambrose off-guard this Monday night.

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