Becky Lynch attacked Natalya

Becky Lynch gets retribution against Natalya: Raw, June 27, 2016

Although she was scheduled to battle Summer Rae on Raw, The Irish Lass Kicker instead got a piece of Natalya at ringside.

If there’s one thing that everyone can say about Becky Lynch, it’s that she’s a good teammate. Unfortunately, she has ended up getting the boot from almost every partner she’s had since coming to WWE, the most recent being Natalya’s sneak attack at WWE Money in the Bank.

Needless to say, Maiden Ireland is mad as hell. So mad, in fact, that instead of competing against scheduled opponent Summer Rae, The Irish Lass Kicker made a beeline for Nattie at ringside and commenced to lass kicking, pummeling The Queen of Harts until the referee managed to separate the two Superstars.

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