Paige def. WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte

Paige def. WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte

Dana Brooke reaffirmed her allegiance to Charlotte last week on Raw by helping beat down Natalya and Becky Lynch, but the partnership between the WWE Women’s Champion and her new protégée (assistant?) hasn’t been sailing so smoothly since then. Not only did Dana lose to Becky on SmackDown, but now Charlotte has also taken an “L,” this time to Paige and this time as a direct result of Dana’s inability to properly police the bout.

Well, that might be putting it lightly. After Charlotte got tossed in front of Natalya and Becky at commentary, Dana hoisted her mentor up and threw her back into the ring … face-first into a Paige superkick, which was quickly followed up by a Ram-Paige. Good luck with that tag match, ladies.

Charlotte will not accept failure from Dana Brooke: Raw, June 13, 2016

The WWE Women's Champion has a lot to teach her protégé.

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