U.S. Champion Rusev def. Jack Swagger via Count-out

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev: Raw, June 6, 2016

The Real American squares off against The Super Athlete as Titus O'Neil looks on from ringside.

All’s been mostly quiet on the Jack Swagger front lately, but after giving Rusev a tight match on SmackDown, The Real American may just be on the brink of resurgence. The former World Heavyweight Champion got another crack at Rusev on Raw off the strength of the SmackDown tilt — would-be contender Titus O’Neil was scouting at commentary — and brought the Oklahoma thunder yet again. Swagger lost to Rusev by the narrowest of count-out margins after The Super Athlete shoved him into O’Neil at ringside. That led to a three-way confrontation between all three Superstars after the bell, which Rusev got the worst of after Swagger and O’Neil expelled him from the ring.

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