Will former ‘brothers’ collide?

The returning Seth Rollins lashes out at the WWE Universe: Raw, May 23, 2016

The Architect is back from injury, and he's out to reclaim what he never lost: the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


Clearly not content with the much-anticipated return of John Cena dominating the social media chatter lately, Seth Rollins came back to WWE more than a week before the Cenation leader, targeting WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and laying claim to the title he “never lost.” Indeed, since The Architect’s reign came to an end due to injury, Rollins will put his money where his mouth is – appropriately, at WWE Money in the Bank, where he’ll face his former Shield “brother,” The Big Dog.

Given the storied history between Reigns and Rollins, don’t expect the pair to wait patiently for their June 19 championship clash before throwing fists again.

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