New Day rocked

Kofi Kingston vs. Aiden English: SmackDown, May 12, 2016

WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston squares off against one-half of The New Day's Extreme Rules No. 1 contenders, The Vaudevillains.

The New Day might have thought that, with their old-timey entrance music and handlebar moustaches, The Vaudevillains were more panache than power. They were sorely, sorely mistaken. Not only did Aiden English & Simon Gotch decimate The New Day and cost them a match on Raw, but English defeated Kofi Kingston in one-on-one combat on SmackDown after their respective partners were ejected. Suddenly, the Tag Team Title picture is neck-and-neck, and The New Day might need some extra P.O.P. to gain ground.

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