Paige def. WWE Women's Champion Charlotte

Paige vs. Charlotte: Raw, May 9, 2016

With her father barred from ringside, WWE Women's Champion Charlotte locks up with the rebellious Paige.

Rough night for Charlotte, folks: Not only did the WWE Women’s Champion drop one to her longtime rival (and former teammate) Paige, but Ric Flair also got hauled away with impunity for breaking the Shane McMahon–mandated stipulation that he stay away from ringside. It was a soft run for Charlotte’s title match against Natalya at Extreme Rules, where Flair will be similarly barred, and if tonight is any indication, things are looking murky for the Dirtiest Family in the Game come May 22. To be fair to Flair, The Nature Boy only interfered because Natalya was pretty close to swinging the match after she sprang up from the commentary table. But Shane-O-Mac had “Naitch” ejected all the same, so Paige capitalized by rolling the champion up for a win.

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