Tyler Breeze def. Goldust

Goldust vs. Tyler Breeze: Raw, May 2, 2016

The Bizarre One takes on Prince Pretty as their respective tag team partners, Fandango and R-Truth, look on.

There may be something to this Gorgeous Truth thing: R-Truth’s current tag partner/life partner/selfie buddy Tyler Breeze ended up getting the jump on Truth’s would-be tag partner/life partner/selfie buddy Goldust in the latest and strangest chapter of the Golden Truth saga yet. Born out of a backstage confrontation over who deserves Goldust’s attention more, the bout was going The Bizarre One’s way until Truth and Fandango, who’s latched onto Goldie of late, began competing for the former Intercontinental Champion’s attention at ringside. Breeze sprang with the rollup and that was that, much to the dismay of the jilted Goldust.

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