Sasha Banks def. Summer Rae

Sasha Banks vs. Summer Rae: Raw, April 4, 2016

One night after battling for the new WWE Woman's Title, The Boss takes on Summer Rae.

If Summer Rae thought the best way to make people forget about B.A.D. & Blonde’s loss at WrestleMania was by disparaging Sasha Banks, she had another thing coming.

After claiming B.A.D. & Blonde would have prevailed against Total Divas had she captained the team, Summer brazenly called attention to Sasha’s failure to capture the Women’s Championship the night before. The insult brought out The Boss, who was quick to remind Summer of her fearless reputation by slapping the taste out of Summer’s mouth.

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Once the bell rang, Summer pounced, but her onslaught was quickly halted by Sasha, who grounded her opponent with a double knee stomp. Moments later, Sasha fought out of a roll-up attempt and flipped Summer over into perfect position for the Bank Statement, to claim the submission victory.

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